The Colonial Emergency Defence Command Headquarters (Referred to as CEDCHQ) has been based at Crystal Falls AFB since 2540, as part of the Colony Defence Mandate of 2538.


The purpose of the CEDCHQ is to handle all Command & Control functions of the Colonial Defence Force in the event of an external attack of civil emergency. In the event of a Subspace Relay System outage, CEDCHQ maintains an emergency communication system on and around various planets, the largest of which being the Grissom Relay Station. The emergency system allows for the real-time communication of Text, Voice and Video at speeds of up to 12Gb/s to anywhere within the Colonies.

CEDCHQ maintains 14 mobile command units each consisting of 800 personnel, which are able to deploy to anywhere in the Inner Colonies within 1 hour, and within the Outer Colonies within 12 hours.

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