Crystal Falls AFB is located on the Inner Colony world of Harvest. It is the largest Colonial Military Base in the Galaxy, exluding Fort Hood Defence Station, Earth.


Shortly after the founding of the Harvest colony in 2235, the United Nations signed Colonial Order 7380, which allowed for the creation of one military base on the surface of Harvest for the purpose of Colonial Defence, to be built within 30 years. Plans for the base were drawn up in 2237 and construction began a year later in 2238. In 2241 construction of the base was completed at a total cost of £25bn. Originally, the base had a capacity for the housing of around 45,000 military personel, and had a total aircraft capacity of 230.

In 2246, at the start of the Horizon Revolt, the newly formed Military Space Command were concerned with the ability of Slipstream Missiles to reach Harvest, Endor, Caprica and Ruby from launch sites on Horizon that were taken over during the rebellion. As a result of this, £10bn of funding was allocated for the upgrade of Crystal Falls AFB, including the construction of 2 landing pads for space-capable frigates, a new runway, 24 new hangars, accomdation for an extra 10,000 people, as well as enhanced command & control facilities. Unbenknown to the United Nations Funding Authority who authorized the funding, Military Space Command had ordered a secret construction project, dubbed Project Horizon Shield, which entailed the contruction of 4 MX-88 Slipstream missile silos, as well as a missile defence network, consisting of 12 ground stations and 6 orbital defence stations.

In 2249, a strike force from the Tauron Independence Front, consisting of 87 F-103 fighters and 8 hi-jacked T-340 Transports was detected approaching Harvest by Subspace receivers at Crystal Falls AFB. The attacking force exited slipspace to an ambush consisting of HMS Trident, HMS Unknowing, HMS Triton, HMS Woolworth and HMS Ferocity. Almost all of the enemy ships were destroyed immediately with the loss of 1450 rebel fighters. The battle came to be known as the Battle of GcS KX 388849.

Current CapacityEdit

The base currently houses the following craft:

  • 780 Viper-III Dual Environment Fighter
  • 88 Lightning-II (F/A-1) Long Range Strike Craft
  • 458 Raptor-I (F-3) Dual Environment Fighter
  • 110 Falcon-IV (C-1) Shuttle Craft
  • 332 Falcon-III Shuttle Craft
  • 22 Falcon-III (Aeromed Conversion) Shuttle Craft
  • 34 T-3 Troop Transport
  • 2 Model 3340 Light Frigate

The base also contains the following facilities:

  • 34,340 family homes
  • 67,000 single accomdation rooms
  • 42 shops
  • 2 hospitals
  • 9 clinics
  • 4 dentists
  • 2 vetinary offices
  • 13 pubs
  • 6 bars
  • 4 clubs
  • 2 bowling alleys
  • 2 cinemas
  • 4 sports grounds
  • race track
  • 8 schools
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