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The Subspace Relay System, commonly known as subnet, is the name given to the network made up of over 340 relay stations throughout the galaxy that allow the transmission of data between any point in The Colonies.

The predecessor to the Subspace Relay System was the Internet Space Relay Protocol, which fell out of use in the 2100s in favour of the new Subspace Relay System.

List of relay stations[]

List is incomplete

Name Frequency Status Type
Earth Main 10010.000 Active T/R
Earth Receiving 10010.250 Active R Only
Earth Direct Caprica 10022.992 Active T/R
Earth Direct Eden 10022.375 Active T/R
Earth Secondary 10010.100 Active T/R
Earth Surface Station A 10015.991 Active T/R
Earth Surface Station B 10015.992 Active T/R
Earth Surface Station C 10015.993 Active T/R
Earth Surface Station Hawthorn Point 10015.996 Active


Earth 00-20 10100.001 Active T/R
Earth 00-21 10100.002 Active T/R
Earth MilNet Clear Station 10443.000 Active T/R
Moon Relay Point 10014.882 Active T/R
Mars Outpost Relay 10334.942 Active T/R
Mars Orbital Relay 01 10336.555 Active T/R
Mars Orbital Relay 02 10336.666 Inactive T/R
Mars Orbital Relay 03 10336.777 Inactive T/R
Mars Downlink 10336.999 Active T/R
Mars Receiving 10338.111 Active R Only
Sol System Direct Relay 10999.100 Active T/R
Sol System 01-01 10999.200 Active T/R
Jupiter VI Relay Main 10349.202 Active T/R
Pluto Remote Relay 10999.400 Active T/R
Sol MilNet Relay 10443.884 Active T/R
Eden System Receiving Station 22445.100 Active R Only
Eden System Transmission Station 22445.125 Active T Only