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2230 Tauron missile attack
  • N/A
  • 2230
  • Deployment of missile defence shield to Tauron
  • Tension between Tauron and Lima
  • Beginning of the Tauron Troubles
  • Unknown (Located on Lima)
  • Unknown
  • President Adarr Hitchcock
  • Unknown
  • Tauron
  • None
  • 563 civilians killed
  • 2906 civilians injured
    • 211 life-changing injuries

The 2230 Tauron Missile Attack is the name given to an attack from an unknown party on the Inner Colony planet of Lima which launched a single home-made Slipstream Missiles which targeted the Tauron Federal Building in New Hudson.

Initial Response

After the impact of the missile at 0823, the New Hudson Fire Department sounded an all-units call to the Tauron Federal Building. Initially it was thought that a bomb had exploded at the base of the building. At 0911, Colonial Regional Defence Command Tauron contacted Colonial Emergency Defence Command Headquarters and requested emergency assistance and reported that there had been a possible attack on the colony. The CEDCH responded by allocating 5 of it's mobile command units to Tauron. The Colonial Emergency Administration Agency was activated and by 0956 two emergency support ships, the CEAA Rose and the CEAA Petal were in-orbit around Tauron and providing support through the use of Falcon-II shuttle craft. At approximately 1011, HMS Echo arrived in the Tauron System and began rescue operations. By this time the slipstream missile's signature had been detected and the Tauron Defence Force had mobilized in case of further attacks. HMS Echos long range sensor systems were used to calculate the path the missile took, which determined an origin point somewhere on the surface of the Inner Colony planet of Lima.


The story of the missile attack was picked up by all major news networks throughout the entirely of The Colonies and the Home System.

President Adarr Hitchcock of the Tauron Colonial Government denounced the attacks as a "cowardly act" and vowed that the attackers would face "severe consequences".

United Nations Leader Collin Adams offered his condolences to all the people affected by the attack and offered to provide unlimited materiel support for Tauron.

Commander of the Fleet Admiral Jane Harlow offered her condolences on behalf of the Colonial Military and announced the immediate deployment of a missile shield to Tauron, as well as £1bn in aid and approximately 5,000 Marines to help with the aftermath of the attack.